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  5. "Wo sind die Jungen?"

"Wo sind die Jungen?"

Translation:Where are the boys?

April 8, 2013



The translation for 'wo' states that it is both 'when' and 'where' are we supposed to gather from context which one it is or is 'wo' in the sense it is used in this sentence always 'where?'


In Germany they mainly use Wann when they want to say when. example: wann ist das champions league finale


"wo" means "where". In some contexts, it does mean "when", but you don't need to worry about that. I don't think it means "when" in any of Duolingo's sentences.


But we are learning German for the real world! :)


How the heck did I get here... This question is literally the first time I've seen "Wo" - shouldn't it be marked as a new word? I'm pretty sure I haven't skipped any lessons...


Yeah, I've come across this a few times. The order of translations is not the same for everyone, which means you'll have to peek at the words from time to time.


Aaah, I see. Confusing! Thanks though, you've made sense of it for me. :)


Hi there! I was as confused as you at the beginning. 'Should I have known that word?' Came up many times. :) Also, here I used: 'Where the boys at?' And it was not accepted. :( Terrible (joke)


When is it appropriate to use seid or sind?


Seid is for ihr/you (plural)... Sind is for wir/we, sie/they, Sie/you (formal)


Is it a rule that the article "die" should be used in the question and not be used when saying "Wir sind Jungen." instead of "Wir sind die Jungen."


"We are children", "we are the children" - it is as simple as that.


If Jungen refers to plural form of boy i.e. boys then why isn't an umlaut used in it?


Because the plural form of Junge is Jungen. It is not a rule that plural forms use umlaut (but it is common for monossilabic words).


Is it a rule that sind will be used with Wo ? what about Woher and Wohin?


sind is the verb sein for they... Where are they? => Wo sind sie? Where are we? => Wo sind wir? Where am I? => Wo bin ich?

Woher is used on "where are you from?" => "Woher kommen Sie?" Wohin is used on "where do you go to?" => "Wohin gehen/fahren Sie?"


Is "Wo" pronounced with a v, as in 'Vo'? I can't quite tell.


In German the "w" is pronounced as /v/, and note that Quelle is pronounced /kvel/ (broad transcription)


Thanks, that's what I meant (too lazy to use the IPA keyboard)


Die Jungen can also mean the 'youths' similar to 'guys' in English?


No, the German for "youths" is "Jugendliche".

  • the youth (young people in general/the time in someone's life when they're young) = die Jugend

  • a youth = ein Jugendlicher (male); eine Jugendliche (female)

  • youths = Jugendliche


I have write "Where the kids are". why is not correct.?

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