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"Aia ka hōʻike ma ka Pōʻakolu."

Translation:The show is on Wednesday.

February 25, 2019



Aia ka hōʻike ma ka pōʻahia? =

The show is on what day (of the week)?

Aia ka hōʻike ma ka Pōʻakolu. = The show is on Wednesday.

{Nā lā o ka pule = The Days of the Week}

(1. ʻekahi) Monday = ka Pōʻakahi

(2. ʻelua) Tuesday = ka Pōʻalua

(3. ʻekolu) Wednesday = ka Pōʻakolu

(4. ʻehā) Thursday = ka Pōʻahā

(5. ʻelima) Friday = ka Pōʻalima

(6. ʻeono) Saturday = ka Pōʻaono

Sunday = ka Lāpule

Which DAY? = Ka pōʻahia?


Thank you for this!


Names of the weekdays are not the issue here. Can you help us make an informed choice about the synonyms we're dealt, so we no longer need to guess? E ʻoluʻolu.


Tried "presentation" for this one, but this time they wanted "show." Why does it seem that this is always up to a random guess?


he aha? I tried "the show is on wednesday" and it said "wrong, correction: the concert is on wednesday" I swear duo has a mind of its own


Sometimes ho'ike is used for "test" in these lessons


And I just guessed "test" for this one and got it correct as an alternate. Since when are "test" and "show" synonyms?


They are homonyms not synonyms.


How truly different is the show is Wednesday from the show is on Wednesday?


No difference in American English - I'm a native speaker.


Exactly - I said the same thing and also got it wrong. Maybe we three should have all reported it.


I'm gonna guess that the reason I never get answers for these questions is because no one knows the rationale for choosing among show, test, and presentation. So I still don't know the answer - which makes the rest of the similar questions about a given issue just that much more confusing.


There is no rationale per se. The word hōʻike doesn’t “mean” any of these - it’s got a semantic range that includes all of them. One problem with a program like DL is that there is no context. It’s just isolated sentences. So any or these could apply. Unless we are getting paid by the right answer, I suggest we all do two things in cases like this: (1) use it as a learning moment rather than a point of complaint. (2) hit “report” and almost certainly they will include the alternative meanings in the future if they are applicable.


I used presentation like in the last one, but this time it was marked wrong?


Maybe (???) there was something else wrong too that you didn't notice? (I'm with you!!)


Why is "presentation" not accepted when that's how they translate it?


My answer is "There is the test on Wednesday". Is this wrong?

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