"Uang emas."

Translation:Gold money.

February 25, 2019

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Does this mean a gold COIN?


Should be "gold coins", I don't think anyone says "gold money" in English


In dutch we say : you can earn gold money with this. It means a lot of money. This is maybe the same.


Can someone explain what "gold money" means? If it means something in Indonesian then it would be helpful to have it explained.


Honestly, as a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, I have no idea what "uang emas" is. Maybe what they, the contributors, meant is either gold coins or just gold (as a currency?); we don't have an expression of gold as "money" here nor the idea that "gold money" is a thing.

If they're actually referring to gold as a currency, I think it is just "gold" or "gold coins", since I have never known anything in Indonesia about gold used in any other forms as money other than gold coins; which isn't even used in Indonesia, as such things only happened in the past and happens only in fairytales nowadays.


OMG... Gold Money ≠ Paper Money Does the Paper money is an illution? or consensus system--like a meaning of language (Theory of Meaning : Functionalism) :v

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