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Progress not showing?

Hello, I hope someone can help! I have students who have done a lot with the program, collected a lot of XP, but it doesn't show up that the assigned lessons are completed. I assigned a bunch of stuff as extra credit. I don't care whether they test out or do the lessons, as long as they achieve the goal. I think maybe when they test out, they don't get credit for having "done" the lesson? Anything I can do about this? I hoped that I would get a lovely chart showing who had gotten to where in the curriculum and could assign extra credit points accordingly. Now I am not sure what to do... Gracias. K dV

February 25, 2019



I am having the same issue with one student. He started working today after I created the assignment, and has earned double the XP I assigned, but my dashboard still shows that he has not even started! We have both refreshed our screens, and I even had him complete another module just in case.... Sra. deVries, did you ever figure out what was happening with your students?

My only thought is that this particular student is a Spanish speaker in a Spanish class, so maybe the fact that he is viewing the page in Spanish (While "learning" Spanish) is affecting something?


Thank you for the question, Sra.deVries! i think there are 2 things that might be happening. Is it possible that the students completed the skills before the assignment was created? The other thing to note is that under the current assignments feature, students get credit for skill assignments only when they level up. More info on that here Please let us know if this does not address the issue.


Some of them did have their own accounts before I started this extra credit option. So they can't get credit for stuff they already did? Bummer. I can have them show me their screens... Luckily that can't be too many of my 140 students. I guess I don't really understand about "leveling up." If I assign "Family 2," that's not just a chunk of information to master (or demonstrate mastery of?) I went and did a lot of the program myself so I would know what it was like, and I didn't really experience "leveling up." But I guess that may be because I already speak Spanish.


Maybe I can give them extra credit based on their XP rather than curriculum coverage. Is there a good way for me to figure out how much XP a student would earn from completing the first section of the program, for instance? I get the feeling it doesn't really work like that though. Thank you for your advice so far!


Is there a good way for me to figure out how much XP a student would earn from completing the first section of the program, for instance?

You might have a look at the data provided by FieryCat in

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