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  5. "ये लोग साथ में नहीं पढ़ेंगे।"

"ये लोग साथ में नहीं पढ़ेंगे।"

Translation:These people will not study together.

February 25, 2019



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Why is mein required here?

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साथ में=together. Think of it as being like 'in unison'.


It's not a perfect solution (if you over think it, it causes more problems than it solves) but I think of "saat" like the word "company" in english. So like "these people will not study IN [their own] COMPANY".

Like I said, it doesn't solve all the problems, but it helps me to think of "saat" as a noun, any noun, instead of translating it to the english preposition "with".

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