"I play slack key guitar."

Translation:Hoʻokani au i ke kīkā kī hōʻalu.

February 25, 2019

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    I would sure love to hear this sentence


    Why ke instead of ka ?


    Love this one! So fun to get to music-related sentences.


    kī hō'alu can be an adjective, apparently...


    "The Hawaiian phrase Ke ao means The cloud in English. It also uses all the letters that Ke should be used in front of, instead of Ka, and it also conforms to the rules" From instant hawii.com


    You forgot to capitalize the first letter of the first word.


    It's a unique style of guitar music developed in Hawaiʻi. As the story goes, Captain George Vancouver gifted cattle to King Kamehameha in 1793, who put a kapu on them so they could not be harmed. The herd grew out of control and around 1832 King Kamehameha III hired vaqueros to teach the Hawaiians how to handle them. With them, the vaqueros brought their guitars and when they left the Hawaiians taught themselves how to play them, using alternate tunings by slacking the tuning keys, hence the name, kī hōʻalu, which means to loosen the key. The tunings are open chords as well as major sevenths (wahine tuning) and numerous other variations. The style is generally very melodic and soothing or nahenahe, although there are many upbeat pieces as well. Lots of slides, harmonies of 6ths and 3rds are used and it is often played as a solo style with the thumb playing bass patterns, while the fingers play chords and melody on top, which is said to have originated from not having many guitars and trying to mimic sounds of the vaqueros playing bass, rhythm and lead parts on separate instruments.


    Thank you! I love learning the history behind things. I didn't like it so much in school, but I enjoy it now.

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