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Suggestion: Add a tab for discussions I started/have commented in

Is there an easy way to find them?

April 8, 2013



I like that idea -- what if you take it one step further and include everything you're "Following". I would prefer that to the email alerts. Those become overwhelming if I'm following a very popular discussion (e.g. the announcement of the new tree format last week).


I think there should be a separate favourites tab, while the recall of threads you recently posted in has a relatively short life (ie, I only want to see new posts from more recent threads, or threads that have new posts), I likely would want an easy access of list of threads I want to reference later regardless of change.


Like "Popular" – "New" – "Top All Time" – "Following", that would be definitely useful!! Plus, add in-site notifications, not email! Thanks guys.


Yes, it is unpleasant when I want to know replies of a thread and it turns out to be a big thread, resulting in mass emails. Emails could probably be compressed more into "5 new replies" in a weekly email or something and detailed following information would be put into optional notifications.

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That would be really useful. Good idea.


Interesting ideas! We'll be making improvements to the discussions soon. We'll keep these ideas in mind.


If you want you can turn email notifications off in your profile.


Yes, but then you would never know if someone posted something in the discussions you're in. That's why I propose in-site notifications.

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