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"The garden is at the front of the house."

Translation:O jardim é na frente da casa.

April 8, 2013



What would be the difference between using é or esta in this sentence?


For things that can't move from one place to another, we use "ser". So, o jardim é na frente da casa (it won't move). On the other hand, for things which can move, use estar: onde estão meus livros? Onde está o cachorro.? (At the moment you said that). Further: onde você está? (Where are you?-- now), de onde você é? (Where are you from?) This last one you can't change, it's not temporary, but permanent ;)


Great explanation!! Clear, simple. To the point. I had been scratching my head seeing Onde é ......algo and thinking it should be estar and that Duo had it wrong. Now I know.


Happy to see you got the point :-)

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