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Are stories coming to Turkish?

Are stories coming to Turkish?

February 26, 2019



Currently, they are in only 4 languages: French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Not even in Italian. And I had read they did Portuguese only because it was easier to translate from Spanish.

So I'd say it's very unlikely that you will see Turkish stories soon. There is not even an active course contributor or moderator now.


The German from Turkish course still has two active contributors and moderators. Not as active as we hope to be - we volunteers all have our own lives and obligations - but we're still here. Hopefully someone is interested to join us soon for the courses to and from Turkish. :)
I can add the links to the application pages if someone is interested.
But the stories are not made by volunteers.


Thanks for the clarification. If you are still looking for volunteers, I might actually be interested in being one. There might also be other people who are interested, so could you share the links for the application pages?


that is a great idea...I hope they do...and I also hope they add a French interface too!


It would be nice if they would finish the Turkish-French tree that they started quite some time ago as well.


thanks for the answers, i'll keep an eye out if anything changes for Turkish, if stories are added. meanwhile, i can keep myself busy with the other ones.

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