"Péter is not stupid, on the contrary! He is very smart."

Translation:Péter nem hülye, sőt! Nagyon is okos.

February 26, 2019



I don't understand the function of "is" in this sentence.

February 26, 2019


"is" can give more emphasis and /or possibly mean "on the contrary".

Another few examples:

  • Nagyon is jó! - It really is good! (heh is-is :) )
  • Nagyon is finom! - It really is delicious!
  • El is olvastam! - I indeed really did read it! (emotional, eg. being proud of reading it)

An example with "on the contrary" meaning:

  • Nem igaz! - It's not true!
  • Nem is igaz! - On the contrary, it's not true! (expressing surprise or anger)

In this current sentence I say it means both. It could work without "is" as well, but using it gives more emphasis.

February 27, 2019


This was my attempt at trying to explain this phenomenon:

"Pekingben laksz, pedig nem is vagy kínai."

March 4, 2019
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