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  5. "We have the best."

"We have the best."

Translation:Tenemos los mejores.

April 8, 2013



When should we use "lo"? I've never had to use it so far... until this sentence.


Think of it like this...anytime u have an adjective unknow and u can substitute "thing" with it "lo" comes before it.

Example. To say "we have the best" is unknow what "it" is one could then say..."we have the best thing" so use "lo mejor" for best "thing".

Another: "juan had the worst" here u can say "worst thing" which implies the use of "lo peor"..."juan tenía lo peor"


"Lo" here is used kind of like a neuter definite article (that is, a neuter equivalent to el/la), even though there isn't a whole neuter grammatical case in Spanish as there is in some languages such as German. As other users have stated, it is akin to "esto"

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    Thanks for this!


    Glad to be of help :)


    When do we use 'lo'?


    "Lo" is used when the gender of the subject is not known. Similar in concept to "esto".


    Why not: "Nosotros tenemos la mejor."?


    The "nosotros" is implied by the conjugation of the verb. You could say it, but you don't have to, and most native speakers don't.


    Actually, sorry, I was referring to the "la mejor" instead of "los mejores" but I just figured it out. Plural because it has to agree with "nosotros" (we)


    I believe it can be "Tenemos lo/la mejor" as well, if you're talking about the concept of "the best" of an implied singular noun. Example: Group A: "We have the best idea." "Tenemos la idea mejor." Group B: "No, we have the best." "No, tenemos la mejor." But this requires context to work.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm not a native speaker.


    I wrote: "Tenemos el mejor." and it was ok. There has to be some context, so we know what genre to use. I think the problem was the "la", duolingo assumes only "el mejor"


    We have the best answers, don't we folks?


    Before doing Duolingo I learned that "mejor" was better and "el mas mejor" was best. Sorry, but I do not know how to accent the "a" on my keyboard in "mas". Can someone please explain the better and best thing for me?


    Why is it "lo mejor" and not "los mejores"?


    it told me the correct answers were: • Tenemos a las mejores. • Tenemos los mejores. I wrote: Tenemos los más mejores. I guess it really did not want me to say "the most best" for "the best" :)


    I wrote Los mejor why is this wrong can someone tell me please


    You need to write lo/le/la mejor or los/las mejores. The article has to match either singular or plural. Pretty sure about this. :)


    We have the best (ones). "Los" is the "ones", it is implied.

    [deactivated user]

      Got it wrong because I didn't capitalize the "T" , really ???? :3


      Isn't "the best" singular? or is this just how it's said?


      Mejoras is wrong.Why?


      If I understand the grammar correctly, "los mejores" is the plural of "lo mejor" in this sentence. Let's analyze the sentence "Tenemos lo mejor." ("We have the best.") for a moment. Notice that the definite article here is "lo mejor" rather than "el mejor". Why is this? It is because "mejor" is acting as an ambiguous noun rather than adjective. In fact, "lo mejor" is grammatically neuter gender (a very rare occurrence in Spanish), even though it looks masculine. The same goes for "los mejores" in this case: "los mejores" is simply a plural neuter noun—neither masculine nor feminine. Make sense?


      Nosotras tenemos los mejores. As I hovered over "best", it was "mejores" with an accent over the "e", and I typed exactly that in my answer and it counted it wrong. Why?

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