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  5. "They went and talked"

"They went and talked"

Translation:Wakaenda na wakazungumza

February 26, 2019



"Walienda wakazungumza" seems like the 'generic' correct answer to me. Did the course coordinators just forget to add this as an alternative or do they have a different concept of the -KA- tense in Swahili??? Reported.


Please explain this. I was thinking like dsimonds and Simon299426


"Walienda wakazungumza" - what am I doing wrong here? It seems to be randomly asking for -li or -ka and I simply can't work out which one it should be.


Reported again Aug 2020 - the notes say that the first verb in the sentence should be -li-, then the following verbs use -ka-, therefore 'walienda na wakazungumza' should be an accepted answer


I can't recommend Duolingo Swahili course to anyone, because there are so many discrepancies like this. They are reported and nothing happens


Is there a fifference between -li and -ka? That dhould be the discussion. This inquiring mind wants to know.

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