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Disney Movies in different Languages!

I was listening to music on my computer and I had a urge to check out some spanish music, and I came across disney songs that I loved in English. Well, you know what happened next I listend to them and sang along with the spanish subtitles. WOW! That was fun and I learned quite a few new words and sounded really terrific. Everyday I'm going to that ;) What about y'all?

May 23, 2014



Every day I listen to the 25-languages version of "Let it Go" with the kids. Recently we've started listening to the Vietnamese version as well.


I was just gonna write about that song! I listen to "Ich las loss", the german version I found thanks to the 25 language version. Very nice. But it never occurred to look for OTHER Disney songs! I shall do so immediately!


I listened to that too.


I love the 'behind the mic' version of that.


There is a great website for learning languages where you write lyrics of a song in a language you choose: http://lyricstraining.com . You can also find songs from movies there.


What an awesome website! Thanks for sharing!!!


I love watching Disney song multilanguages! The 25-language version of Let it Go is good, and another one I like is the 15-language A Guy Like You (from Hunchback of Notre Dame) :D


I love singing the Let it go in 25 languages everyday (yep, everyday, i memorized it after a few days it was posted in youtube)


My brother watched Wreck It Ralph in Spanish.


Thanks for all your comments! Eat some lingots! ;)


I'm learning Irish now, but I can't find any Disney movie in that language. Does somebody know if there is one?


Disney sounds so much better in other languages (Chinese and Polish are my favorites)


I'm going to try to learn how to sing the entire song Libèrèe Dèlivrèe. It'll be fun!

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