"Kamu cukup tinggi."

Translation:You are tall enough.

February 27, 2019

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cukup + adjective can often translate to 'quite + adjective'

cukup tinggi = quite tall


Can "enough" ever come before the noun or adjective (e.g. enough books, enough people)...EDIT-...in an Indonesian sentence?


Yes, in the english language it can, though I am not sure if that is your question?


Yes. I found sample sentences in my Indonesian-English dictionary. - Saya punya cukup uang./I have enough money. - Airnya masih cukup panas./The water is still hot enough. (masih = still) - Aku cukup lelah hari ini./I am quite tired today. (lelah = tired; hari ini = day this --> today) I assume that "cukup" functions like a number to describe degree or volume. (e.g. Saya punya empat ratus miliar IDN rupiah (approx. 3Mn US dollar) = Saya punya cukup uang. = I have enough money.)

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