"Kucing-kucing itu suka susu."

Translation:Those cats like milk.

February 27, 2019

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I feel compelled to post this on all cat-and-milk sentences:

Yes, kucing-kucing certainly suka milk. However, cow's milk is not very good for them, and they cannot subsist on it.

Kittens need the unique blend of nutrients from their mother's milk or specially-made veterinary formula, while adult cats lose the tolerance for lactose and suffer indigestion if they have a lot of it.

Your cat dipping their paw into your milk won't kill them, but too much will make them sick.


Don't be surprised that your human body is lactose intolerant as well. Human kittens need unique blend of nutrients from their mother's milk. Humans are not tiny cows. Hunans are having different digest system. And cow's milk is for calfs only! For baby cow! Dont feed anybody with milk!


Why not "these cats"?


These cats would be "kucing-kucing ini"

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