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"Viens aussi vite que possible."

Translation:Come as quickly as possible.

April 8, 2013



why is aussi ignored in the translation


it is not ignored: aussi... que... = as... as...


Sort of. Just like ni...ni... means neither...nor; and soit...soit... means either...or...


What would this me if it were just, "Viens vite que possible." Or is this no longer grammatically correct if I understand correctly.


"Viens vite que possible." isn't correct French. "aussi ... que ..." implies a comparison. Here we compare the maximum speed of the person to the speed we want him to reach. We want him to come as fast as he possibly can.

Another example: "Il est aussi fort que moi." = "He's as strong as me."


okay, so this is one case where it seems like they are using the "tu" form with the imperative. Am I wrong or is this sentence incorrect?


ooops, sorry, I looked it up and it's irregular. sorry, sitesurf


No problem with that, the imperative "tu" without an -s at the end is only for 1st group verbs (infinitive ending in -er, except aller).

Therefore, the fact that "venir" is a 3rd group verb has no influence on the result: tu viens, viens !

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