In the Navajo Body parts section, it said” translate mouth into Navajo”. It should be Azéé’, and I wrote that and it was wrong. The correction was Azéé’, but that’s exactly what I wrote. (On the app) Is this common?/what is this? Thanks, DanielvanD18

February 27, 2019


Yeah the Navajo course is buggy, even when you enter all the accent marks etc. correctly, you'll still sometimes get it marked as "you have a typo" or get it marked as totally incorrect. This especially happens with words that have ' in them. Even if you copy/paste directly from Duolingo (which means you can't have made any mistake at all), the error will still appear. It's pretty frustrating.

Yes, it happens! In Android I write just Azee, because it's a Duolingo "bug" in all courses.

"Allí la tortuga, nua, fa un agut rot a l'illa"

Ok, glad I'm not the only one. Also didn't see this was still in beta when I started it, but assumed as much. Very frustrating to run into this now, but I guess it's beta so oh well.

How do I get past it?

It happened again with “ Álá’ “, hand

On Android, try Ala to pass it. With no special characters. Only "Ala".

Does it work on the app?

I’m having the same trouble on the app. I thought it was just words with an ‘ in them, because I didn’t have problems leaving off the accents. But now I’ll check again.

Still doesn’t work.

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