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  5. "I have a stomach ache."

"I have a stomach ache."

Translation:Saya sakit perut.

February 27, 2019



why can you not say "perut saya sakit".


For the answer given saya sakit perut the correct translation would be my stomach hurts. To say I HAVE a stomach ache surely this would be saya punya sakit perut ??


In English, you would say "I have a stomach ache" or "I have a headache" and so on. But, it's not the same in Indonesian. You don't say "Saya punya sakit perut". It's too literal and sounds unnatural. Instead, you say "Saya sakit perut" or "Saya sakit kepala" and so on, or you can say "Perut saya sakit" (My stomach hurts) or "Kepala saya sakit" (My head hurts).

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