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HELP NEEDED. Is there any way to rejoin a club you left accidentally?

Hi everyone, bună,

I am an English guy learning Romanian. I have completed the Romanian tree and am now working through the English for Romanian speakers (reverse tree). I joined a great club a few days ago, on my android phone, administered by Alexandra with a high active member called Costa Rica. I accidentally left that club but would very much like to rejoin it - does anyone know any way this can be achieved or know any of the members of that club to contact them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, mulțumesc mult,


February 27, 2019

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From my experience, club places are allocated very quickly because people can ask for a club to be automatically assigned to them. Your chance could be if Alexandra (the admin) would read your post, she could free up a place for you in the club (she have to eliminate someone else, clubs are limited to 50 people). If the club is configured to accept people only by invitation, you may have a better chance to re-enter in that club based on your club code, if you meet here, in forums, a club member that can tell you this code (or if you already know this code). Unfortunatelly, clubs are identified only by these codes. You must write down and keep that code if you really like a club.


I am romanian. Do You have a WhatsApp group

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We can not determine who you are talking to. We both (iiai & lixmage) are now in the same Duolingo club. So, if you want to talk to us, try to join our club Monday 24.03.2019 when we free it from some lazy speakers :) The club code is RW3ZQV. We don't use WhatsApp Groups because this app is sharing our phone numbers in groups :)


how can i join in a club?

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There are no clubs anymore, they have been replaced with leagues...

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