"That actor got a role that he does not like."

Translation:Aktor itu mendapat peran yang tidak dia suka.

February 27, 2019

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Why not "dia tidak suka"?


Yes, the same question about the word order


both are correct form.


"Dia tidak suka" and "tidak dia suka "both translated in English by "he/she doesn't like", that's correct

In this sentence, grammatically you got nothing wrong if you translate it by "aktor itu mendapat peran yang dia tidak suka"

But, "dia tidak suka" and "tidak dia suka" implicitly have different meaning in term of how the speaker feel.

"~ yang dia tidak suka", means the actor got a role that he really doesn't like, for example, he doesn't like an antagonist role, and he got it

"~yang tidak dia suka", means the actor actually hope that he got a role which is he like, but he didn't, for example, he likes act as a young rich man, but he got a burglar.

Hopefully it is a little bit help


same question, I want to say "Aktor itu mendapat peran yang dia tidak suka" can you please explain why this is wrong?


it is a correct answer too, best to report the error


still not fixed a year later


Still not fixed till now


And not fixed now, either... as of: 2020/09/21


Is there a difference betw "bahwa" and "yang" here?


It has to be "yang" here since "that" is used as a relative pronoun here. If you can exchange "that" with "which" or "who", it has to be "yang" in the Indonesian sentence. If "that" is used as a conjuction (i.e. "he said that...") it's "bahwa".


i don't think the English form is grammatically correct

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