Audio Is Here!

I'm now able to add audio to posts, so I'm going about doing so now! I'm starting with the early lessons then moving on to the later ones, but little by little, audio will be added for every sentence. Thank you for your patience!

February 27, 2019


Basics 1 and Phrases 1 are done!

I've just listened to these and it's great to hear definitively how this language is supposed to sound, at last (I never know to what degree the actors are really getting it right). The audio is nice and clear, and not too fast, too. Thank you for going to the effort of doing this; it makes what was previously a dry intellectual exercise become much more alive.

Great job. :) A short remark: the r in kirine is so long that it sounds like a geminate.

Just wait till you hear jorrāelagon.

You weren't kidding! Just listened to jorrāelza. Didn't realize I hadn't been trilling enough, but it's much more fun this way.

jorrāelagon ryptan se rōvēgrior udir issa! :D Drīvose tolvȳn drējī sȳri otāpan - kirimvose!

Wow! That's amazing to hear! Thank you so much David Peterson! Am I allowed to ask; where does your username Dedalvs come from? Is it High Valyrian/Dothraki for David?

My user name is an old name that comes from when I used to play Diablo II. You had to have a unique user name, and I always liked Stephen Dedalus (from James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses). "Dedalus" is always snapped up pretty early when it comes to user names, so I simply spelled it the old Latin way, with the "u" spelled "v". It's a handle I've used for some 19 years now.

Wow nice! That's an interesting story. Thanks for sharing :-)

That's awesome! You've inspired me to create my own languages

I've done a few early lessons and it sounds great so far! All your hard work is appreciated.

Fantastic news, thank you! Your work and involvement is highly appreciated

Wow, amazing!!!!!! Thank you really very much! I need to experience it!!!!! :D

"Allí la tortuga, nua, fa un agut rot a l'illa"

Awesome news! So excited to hear the language now! :)

Awesome news! Kirimvose.

I'm currently planning a research study using High Valyrian and while I was writing my introduction, I came in to look at the features one more time and saw the audio. Great addition! Was worried it may be another limitation in the study, but happy that you've been adding to it.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your hard work!

You are welcome Dedalvs, good job and congratulations for you stady, greetings (Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish) See you soon.

@Dedalvs, legend!!! I'm so happy to know that! Thank you very much =)

Awesome! Now I can continue with more fun :)

OK, I had promised to focus on Chinese this month in preparation for my Asian adventures, but you know what, forget it!

I'm learning High Valyrian instead!

This is awesome news, though I do have a question: I always pronounce y and ȳ like /y/ and /yː/ respectively, but I hear you pronounce them as /i/ and /iː/. Am I doing it wrong or is /y/ also allowed? I just like the sound of /y/ more tbh.

I pronounce them /y/ and /yː/. I’m recording a lot of audio in huge chunks right now, though, so I may not hit every sound every time (especially true of geminates, long vowels, and j). Additionally, there may be unfortunate audio artifacts, like mouse clicks, airplane noise, etc. The nice thing is that if you hear something off in an exercise that has audio now, you can report it, and I’ll actually review the audio rather than auto-deleting it, since there’s actually audio there to be reviewed!

I can hear the /y/, but I can't speak to consistency since I've only listened to a couple lessons so far. I can only imagine that sounds may shift as they often do in conversation, which seems like a natural feature for any spoken language.

Loving the way /r/ sounds! Thanks again for doing this.

/y/ is the proper ancient-like pronunciation but because its speakers are actually native speakers of other Valyrian dialects or languages it ends up most commonly pronounced as /i/. But I agree /y/ is nicer (and impressive ;) !

I’m so happy and so excited!

привет товарищ как дела?

Все хорошо спасибо :-)

I really enjoy listening to the voice of "Torgo Nudho" ;) ...watched over and over the parts (on DVD) when Daenerys spoke - but she is a real fast speaker. :D --- Thank you for doing this great job!!

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