"She wants to play video games."

Translation:Makemake ʻo ia e pāʻani wikiō.

February 27, 2019

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What does the 'e' mean here?


There are indeed many uses of "e" in Hawaiian, and even more uses of "i"!

The text below is based on and adapted from Nā Kai ʻEwalu: Beginning Hawaiian Lessons Makahiki 1, Puke 1:

In Hawaiian the difference between the meanings “like to” and “want to” is shown by using different analula.

I want to sing. -> Makemake au e hīmeni.

I like to sing. OR I "like" singing. -> Makemake au i ka hīmeni.


Thanks for that. I am glad you are monitoring the discussions. Your help is greatly appreciated.


There are so many uses of "e" in Hawaiian! In this case, I believe it makes the verb that follows it the object of the verb before it. Makemake au i ka pāʻani wikiō. = I like the video game. Makemake au e pāʻani wikiō. = I like to video game. (Though we don't use video gaming as a verb in English so we add the word "play".) At least that's the way that I've understood it.


jdmcowan is right. In this case, "video game" is used as a verb. The "e" between two verbs acts as an infinitive for the compound. For example, "Makemake au e hele" means "I want to go." The infinitive within the compound verb is "to go." He correctly points out that English expression does not normally recognize playing video games as a verb. So although most English speakers would not express it this way, the translation for the prompt is more literally "He wants to video game."

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