"Does he eat eggs?"

Translation:क्या वह अंडे खाता है?

February 27, 2019

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In many questions so far, the kya takes place after the subject. In this case, why can't I say, "Veha kya..."?


In these kinds of yes/no questions, the क्या always appears at the beginning of a sentence. Basically, you turn a statement into a question by prefixing क्या.

When it means 'what', क्या appears just before the verb in the sentence.

Eg: वह क्या खाता है? - What does he eat?
क्या वह खाता है?- Does he eat?


This is a really simple and effective way of explaining it. Thank you!


Why is it khata and not khate?


'खाता' is the singular form and is used because वह is singular.
'खाते' is the plural form.


Vah kya anda khata hai... is supposed to be correct atleast in colloquial usage, coz the question word is before the object which is under scrutiny as well as after the subject under question. Only thing is.... it doesn't turn it into a "Yes or No" question and implicitly seeks additional information or requires some more explanation/ clarification.... therefore a preferred usage in the nosey cultural set up in India.

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