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Teacher account is now student account for some reason. How can I change it back to a teacher?

I created a teacher account, got my class code and all and then when my computer shut down and I logged back in, all my info. saved but it looks like now I am a student. Please help! If they are both where would I find the student information and dashboard? I don't see anything. Thanks!

Problem solved: Got it from your responses. Thank you both!! Can't seem to find how to add a new comment. :)

February 27, 2019



Go to schools.duolingo.com. Your classroom should be there.

The thing is, a teacher account is the same as a student account, in that you are able to use the teacher account to study languages just like student accounts. (Source: this is a teacher account with a classroom I have for some reason, but am too lazy to remove it.)

If you don't see any classroom, then let us know.

nəvighsəqaat aat


make sure you have schools.duolingo.com in the search bar...

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