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How do I attain mastery in the new system?

I read a lot about attaining mastery, but I can't find any place that explains how to get it. How can I know how close I am to it? And which activities will take me closer to mastery?

I'm using duolingo in the new "word strength" system.

Thanks for your help!

April 8, 2013



In the previous version you could master a skill by finishing all of it's lessons (just like the little golden cup you see now). However, it is very hard to define what a person should do to actually "master" a language. Some people are satisfied when they can read books in a foreign language while others would like to be able to have simple conversations. Another complication is that your knowledge of a language is constantly changing as you forget or learn new things. Even standardized tests aren't perfect as they represent a very short moment in which you were asked to perform a couple of tasks.

In the new system, the golden bars go down to represent the way in which forget words. You shouldn't see this as something negative but more as help with choosing what to practice. You are free to ignore the bars when they go down, but it might be easier to learn new words when your basis is strong. You still get golden cups for completed skills and you could go for completing a whole language tree if you want something to work towards. You can also set your own goals based on your interests. Mastery can be a very daunting thing and it is nice to complete smaller goals in between to know that you are achieving something.


So basically there is no mastery anymore? At least, not in the old terms?


Some users gave themselves an extra challenge by trying to complete lessons with all hearts remaining. In the old system it was easier to keep track of the best results as instead of a gold bar on a lesson you had the number of hearts. There are still some things you can complete and you could potentially track those hearts for yourself, but the design was changed to remind people that you need to keep learning if you want to remember the things you have completed.

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