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Where did the lightbulb button go?

Ok so I just wanted to reread a little to get a deeper understanding for a "chapter" of the tree. And the lightbulb option is gone!

To some it mightn't be a big deal. But I need to get that deeper understanding about grammar as an example.

Reasons why the lightbulbs are amazing. For me it is mostly about understanding the grammar and instead of having to figure out all by yourself the patterns of the langauge you can just read it there, it save loads of time. They also give a sneakpeak of what is to come in the new chapter, because diving into a new chapter knowing exactly nothing of the new words is quite challenging.

The only bad thing about the lightbulbs is that they never got added to the mobile devices, and that they've now disappeared from the german tree.

Please bring back the lightbulb, it is necessary for my learning of the german language.

February 27, 2019



They seem to be rebuilding the notes and it seems to be an A/B test - my tree also misses the notes for most of the skills; some people report that they can see the notes.

While this is happening, you can check the (old) notes in Duome: https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/de


Thank you, that literally saved me so badly!


Thank you for this!!!

If you're looking for another language, the link is https://duome.eu/tips/ and you can pick your native language followed by language you are learning.


Life saver! Thanks a lot.


same here, most of the notes (except for a few lessons at the very beginning ) are missing in my German (from English) tree.

maybe we'll get lucky and get the notes also in the iOS app as well ???

for sure I hope they are not gone forever !

I wish Duolingo would post an update (a sticky note?) about what is going on ! As updates go this is very poorly executed and even worse communicated to the users!


I really miss the lightbulb notes! There are rules that I haven't been able to figure out until looking at the notes. For me, they're a distinguishing feature of Duolingo compared to other language learning tools. Bring them back!


Yes, please! Bring back the lightbulb. It is really necessary for learning the language. Why was it taken away? I hope this is only temporary. Thanks!


Yes I really miss the light bulbs. Dont understand the dative case at all. I cant even get passed the first lesson


just checked mine - lightbulbs are gone for everything but the first dozen skills. I guess they still have them all at duome


If you check one of the ones you have, you will see a different format (and different content) :)


Oh wow!

I wonder where that content comes from.

I checked a unit at random (Accusative case) and the content was not what us regular course contributors can create or edit -- and ours are still available (in the backend) for units later in the course as well: just apparently not shown to anyone on the "wrong" side of the A/B test.

I wonder whether these new ones are created by Duolingo staff, and whether they're rolling them out little by little as they re-write them one unit at a time.

I find it a bit frustrating because I've often pointed people to tips and notes for a particular unit and told them that they explained this or that; if the content now suddenly changes, those pointers may not work any more.

Also, if there is anything confusing or missing in the new notes, I don't know of any way to change it.




I was hoping that it was coming from the contributors. If it is not, then this is very weird :( They are different - not just structurally but the material inside of them. I tend to also give people a skill to check the notes for when something is unclear.


Hi, first post here! Thanks everybody, I too was worried yesterday when the tips disappeared (I'm at Conjunctions).

I did check Accusative, and the content is definitely different, not just pictures and style. I'm glad the old tips are still available at https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/de . I've been copying tips into a Word file as I go along, highlighting things I find hard to remember, making more tables etc, just for my easier understanding. I do not really like the idea of going back and re-checking all tips, but I could consider it a useful review!

However, I hope tips are not getting needlessly complicated. In Accusative, I found the new RESE, NESE etc. suggestions more confusing and difficult to memorize, but maybe it's just me.


I never used them a lot, but now that you say it, yes, they look different. More "modern", with little pictures and colourful elements. Seems to be a bit of an overhaul in the making


Yes, I noticed they disappeared on me too. I now keep a tab open to Duome whenever I need to check on them, and I keep it open as I go through the lesson in case I need to refer to it.

You can see your own progress (and access Tips and Notes) here: https://duome.eu/Elinand/progress

Just make sure you have the language you want to see the notes for selected in Duolingo before going to this link, and click on the branch icon - not the words - to see the Tips and Notes associated with it. It'll also tell you what vocabulary you'll learn in the lesson.

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


I am agree with @Elinand. Considering every person has its own unique way to learn, for me is very useful to have the light bulbs to review the grammar rules every certain time. Please bring back the Tips & Notes. Thank you!


They're back on my browser version. And I see the app has them as far as Adjectives 1. I have an Android and am studying German. Progress!!!


Yes!!! Also, after an update, I see them in iOS (German tree) for the first few lessons, until the Adjectives! Hope to have the rest of them soon !

I wonder, would it be too soon to ask for access to the forums from the app ?

Note: if in the website you don't see them even after refreshing the page, try sign out and sign back in.


I missed them also very very much. How can we receive the comments from the Duolingo stuff? Is it possible at all?


I still can access all of the lightbulbs - except for a few lessons that is.


I still do not have the lightbulbs on my Android device for German, and this is the device I use for Duolingo, as it has the keyboard and the voice recognition. It does appear on my Ipad, which I do not use for several reasons. This means that I only rarely see the lightbulbs, and this is getting in the way of my learning German efficiently. I am still waiting for Duolingo to bring back the lightbulbs to the Android device, but it seems not to be happening. Please bring the lightbulbs back to Android, as you have on the Ipad! I feel this is really important for learning German properly. Thank you.


You can see your duome progress page on mobile device too. You can click the lightbulbs there:



Thank you, I must really check out that page more thoroughly.


I have it from Basics 1 to Time (in Italian)


It is going to be edited! Ö-)


It's strange... On desktop verison in my google Chrome I have these explanations on lessons until the lesson ''not''. Further on, I don't have it. Also I don't have any of it on android app. But on google chrome on my smartphone, I have all the lesson explanations!? How is it possible? :) First I thought that it is maybe because of my adBlock on my desktop chrom, but it's not... Anyway thanks on that duome link!


Try sign-out and sign back in on your desktop, that might help. If not, try clearing the cache as well.


Sing out-in didn't help.. I try that earlier. Also I forgot to mention, the lessons on smartphone chrome are previous versions of lessons, these few on desktop chrome are newer. Some change in style, etc...


Are you using the same Duolingo user on all your devices?

Duolingo is constantly doing A/B tests, where some users see one thing and some users another, to help them decide which changes to keep.


Yes! It is the same account! The only one I have.


How bizarre, then!


did you try to clear out the cache from the desktop chrome ?

another way may be to add a new person/profile and use Duolingo from there


Well guys, I don't know what to say, but, it seems that the hackers let me go :) It all works now!! First I went to another desktop computer to try to log in there, and on opera browser all the lessons showed up! Then I go back to my computer, and I was about to clear cache, but I first try to log out and in, another time, as I did in the morning.. And it all showed up. I noticed that it's all older versions of lessons, precisely the last version, not that new stylish one... Well it looks like it's fine now. That duome link also did the job, but I'm glad that it's all ok with this...


Now, I have all of them! In Microsoft Edge!


I am still hoping that the lightbulb notes appear in the German android Duollingo app. They do appear on my Ipad app, but I do not use this for Duolingo. It is very inconvenient to search elsewhere for these notes which are very important for learning German efficiently, I feel. I hope that Duolingo will soon bring back the lightbulbs to the Android app!


I’m late to the party. I too just discovered the notes were missing. I’m rather disappointed that DUO would just remove something useful like this while they rewrite new notes. That methodology makes no sense.

Thanks for the links to duome...


I seem to have the Tips option for all my lessons in German. I am using the Android app. My daughter is also learning German but she is using the iPhone app and doesn't have any Tips. Anyone know if this is expected?


Not sure, as I have an Android. But even then, not all lessons have Tips and Notes. They've been rolling them out for the app in recent months, so maybe they'll catch up. But the browser version has all of them. I use both versions on my phone. There are a couple other advantages with the browser anyway. Hope this helps!


Susan242221: Thanks for your reply!

If anyone from Duolingo is reading this, note: it's hard to entice me to pay for this service if one of the most basic elements isn't included in the app version. :-)


I understand. It's such an essential part of learning here. Oftentimes, people don't know of their existence at all.

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