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  5. "Hágoóneeʼ shimasaní"

"Hágoóneeʼ shimasaní"

Translation:Goodbye, maternal grandmother

February 28, 2019



Its okay to think of hágoónee' s see ya or goodbye but its used more as like a "alright (guys im outta here)" thinking of it this way might get the feel of the word forms


I never expected that I knew a word in Navajo before starting (shimasani)! So I used to play a game called Beyond Two Souls on my ps4 and during a chapter the main character went to a Navajo family. The family contained a father, his two sons and his mother. And they always called her shimasani. Makes sense now hahahaha!


Even more impressive, we're already in a position to flag an error by the Beyond Two Souls developers, since it sounds like that was the kids' PATERNAL grandmother, and should therefore have been called "shí nalí asdzaan"!


Why does it say maternal grandmother and not just Goodbye grandmother


Probably there is another word for the paternal grandmother and it wants to emphasize that fact.


Please can we include beginners? Start with easy single words (instead of phrases and sentences). This is a great resource, I'm really trying, but learning zero. Example: Please start with how to pronounce the letters, then progress to basic words. Jumping into phrases and sentences leaves many beginners behind. Another example... For the introduction module, I reached level 1, simply by guessing randomly over and over (learning nothing). Again, please include beginners with zero knowledge or exposure to Navajo. Thank you.


I got an error because I forgot a comma???


This is what I typed, but it gives me an error, Goodbye, maternal grandmother, can someone tell me what is the difference, and why I get an error? It is identical to the "correct answer"


Used 'goodbye' when translating "Hagoonee Shiye" and it said I was incorrect. However, when I wrote 'see you later' for this translation, it said 'goodbye' was another option. ❤❤❤ Owl.


Wish the contributors will add full list of family members in tips. Learning family members is so confusing especially languages that have different words for paternal and maternal

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