"The cats were sleeping the day before yesterday."

Translation:परसों बिल्लियाँ सो रही थीं।

February 28, 2019

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Tell me if I understand this correctly: we have to use थीं and not थी for female plural, even in a non-honorific sense, yes?


Awesome, thanks! Comments like these make up for the lack of grammar notes in all but the first few Hindi lessons on Duolingo.


Why is बिल्लियाँ परसों सो रही थीं wrong? I thought the day could come first or after the subject.


This also correct, but duolingo accepts it has wrong,( im a native hindi speaker )


Alternate translations are sometimes not added due to an oversight. You can report it when you see the sentence again.


Thanks, Vinay92. Not related to this, but can I just add how wonderfully helpful you have been throughout this course. You are a great moderator, and have put in so much time and effort very patiently explaining things - all of which is so appreciated. I have learned so much from you!


Can someone clarify to me what is the rule for which order to place ( yesterday, tomorrow, today...) in the sentence? Thank you !!!


It can either come first in the sentence or right after the subject. Duolingo only accepts first in the sentence but either is fine.


Aaj = Today Kal = Yesterday and Tomorrow Parso = Day before yesterday and Day after tomorrow


I have been wondering how do we know the differance for kal and parso for future or past. Is this only indicated by the verb? I've been confused on this for a while.


Yes, it's mostly through context and verb tense.


*Porshu billiya sou rahi tha *

Got this wrong!

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