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Is the "k" in "kjøtt" pronunced? Or is it silent?

February 28, 2019



The Norwegian KJ sound doesn't correspond exactly to an English sound but sounds a lot like sh-, as in short. The Norwegians say it with something like a broad smile.


Yes, 'kj' represents a sound, so the 'k' isn't pronounced per se. The 'kj' sound is a palatal sound, made by raising the back of the tongue towards the palate. When I say 'kjøtt' I don't smile at all :) I don't move my lips more than I do when I say 'øh'.

There's a whole Wikipedia-article on the sound (there is one such article for pretty much every sound there is in any language). Maybe that can be of interest.


Thanks that would be really helpful. Thank you for your answer :)


Ok thanks, it reminds me the ''-ch'' sound in German. I guess they are similiar. Anyway thank you for your answer


It's pretty much like the 'ch' in German nicht, yes.


I agree with you both, it's like that. Maybe it's a little bit softer or less forceful, in a slightly different area of the mouth, but it basically sounds the same. A lot of people don't really say it that way, though. Many tend to say it as a "sh" sound, so don't worry too much about it if it trips you up. If you find yourself in a tongue-twister and want to avoid the 'kj' sound, saying it as a 'sh' definitely sounds better than staying closer to 'k'.


Thank you ^-^

I have studied German for 5 years so it is simplier to pronunce the ''k'' as ''ch'' in German. I though it was the same sound because they sounded similiar ^-^

Anyway thank you for your answer! :)

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