"The doctor takes appointments on Mondays."

Translation:Hālāwai ke kauka ma nā Pōʻakahi.

March 1, 2019

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ka vs na

ma ka Po'akahi - on Mondays in general

ma na Po'akahi - on some finite set of Mondays


"Takes appointments" wasn't translating for me when I hovered over it. Not sure if it's just me. I looked up hālāwai since it was capitalized in the wordbank so I figured it must be the verb.

Wehewehe says:


  1. nvi. Meeting; to meet. hoʻo.hā.lā.wai To arrange a meeting."


what word bank?? I don't get a word bank, just three choices of translation! Is there a "settings" link I'm missing?


see the "make easier" button at bottom screen


In spite of the wehewehe reference above when I tried ho’ohālāwai it is not accepted- so flagged. No?


I'm not sure of the question here, but ho’ohālāwai means "to arrange a meeting."


As the grammar says, the hoʻo- prefix "makes the word it is attached to into a hamani (transitive verb)."


But in the example sentence, it's an intransitive. Even the "cause to" aspect doesn't really come into play: the doctor doesn't cause the appointment to be arranged, he just has one.


Super answer as always GaryKH. I laughed cos as a doctor I hope I caused the patient to come back for an appointment or when I asked the clerk I caused it to be booked.


My pleasure Graeme. Actually it strikes me (though as a doctor maybe you know better) the problem here is the English. We don’t really a good verb for hālāwai, right? We can’t say “Graeme appointments on Mondays.” You take/accept/see patients, give appointments, etc. But until now I’ve never noticed we don’t really have a verb with that meaning.


Why no "Aia" at the beginning of the sentence? Aia hālāwaki ke kauka ma nā Pōʻakahi?


If I understand correctly, "Aia" is used to say "There is" (something static) eg. a game, concert, party, two black dogs at a park, etc. This sentence is describing an action that occurs on a dynamic basis (in this example "on Mondays").


could it be "i na Po'akahi" or only "ma" with respect to days?


My understanding is that either works, but many prefer “ma” when talking about a specific location in time or space.

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