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  5. "Who leads you?"

"Who leads you?"

Translation:SoH DuDev 'Iv?

March 1, 2019



I'm wondering why a pronoun seems to be required here, even though the prefix defines who is being led. The sentence I had wanted to comment on was SoH DuDev 'Iv, but this other example appeared, which is good, because I had planned to quote it otherwise.


The pronoun is not required. And if you enter the sentence without the pronoun, it will be accepted. It is completely optional in this sentence, so it's presence suggests an emphasis that it is "you all" and not someone else, but there is no way to easily translate that into English, so the English sentence looks the same and we accept both answers in the Klingon translation. Throughout the course these types of sentences accept translations that have the pronouns included and translations that do not have the pronouns included. For variety and to make sure students can pick up on this option, we have made the "best" translation (the one that the system shows you) include the pronoun for some exercises and not include it for others.

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