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Is there a difference in pronunciation between ''smørbrød'' and ''smørbrødet''?

Do they sound the same? How can I understand which is the correct one during speech?

I find it difficult to hear them differently but (to me) ''smørbrødet'' has a final ''-a'' in the sound. It's not quite an ''-a'' (it is not pronunced ''-ei'' like in English alphabet) but I don't know how else to define this sound.

Is it correct?

March 1, 2019



'Smørbrødet', when pronounced clearly, should have a final e-sound, like in English 'red'. The t, however, is silent.

In 'smørbrød', the d is silent. So it ends with a short 'ø'-sound, identical to the one in the first syllable.

Edit: And of course, the d in 'smørbrødet' is also silent, so it is pronounced as 'smørbrøe', more or less, with a smooth glide from ø to e.


Ok, thanks. I think I got it but it is still difficult for me to pronunce ''smørbrødet''. Anyway I'll try practising :)

Can I also ask you the pronunciations of ''(en) kone'' and ''kona''? I have the same problem with these two words: they sound identical to me :(


If you speak clearly, the e in 'kone' should be like the e in English 'red', and the a in 'kona' should be like the a in 'father', although probably a bit shorter.

In normal speech, I guess the e in 'kone' turns into a schwa-sound, that makes it sound a bit closer to the a-sound in 'kona'.

Do you use a headset when practising on Duo? In find that helps a bit with the more difficult sounds. But still, it is a computer that is speaking, so it is not the perfect example on how things should sound.


Yes I use a headset because otherwise I can't hear a thing on my computer. Is the ''-e'' sound in ''red'' an open ''-e'' [è]? (I just want to be sure)

It's a pity that on duolingo some sounds are not clear and on point :( Otherwise, they could be really useful.

Anyway thank you again.


What you're hearing in 'kone' is probably a schwa-sound, like the e in English taken.

Otherwise, try using the Lexin dictionary. There you can hear how words are supposed to sound in Standard Eastern Norwegian.

The main page is here (choose 'Bokmålsordbok' for just looking up words in Norwegian, and hear them): http://lexin.udir.no

And here is the entry for 'kone': http://lexin.udir.no/?search=kone&dict=nbo-maxi&ui-lang=NBO&startingfrom=&count=10&checked-languages=E&checked-languages=N


Tusen takk! :) The links have helped me a lot! There the sound is clearer :D

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