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bu/şu/o/bunlar/sunlar - I DONT GET IT1!!

hiii, so i got a lil bit confused with all these.

bunlar = these sunlar = those bu = this şu = that o = he/she/it

the thing is i sometimes get sentences like "Bu baykuşlar çok yaşli" and yes, in english that would be "THESE owls blah blah blah", but bu means this, so i dont get it????

March 1, 2019



In Turkish you have to specify the plural only once (except verbs). E.g: Bu hayvanlar uçuyor(lar). -These animals fly. Şu çocuklar oynuyor(lar). -Those kids play. Bunlar kirli. -These are dirty. Onlar gidiyor(lar). -They go. In verbs for plural, you can use both single and plural


I think because owl is already plural you don't have to use bunlar. That seems to be the pattern with third person plurals, for example onlar yer.


"bu" when used as attributive, doesn't take endings

"bu" when used as predicative, takes the ending (because there is no noun in that case) - hence bunlar

bu arabalar kirli. bizde arabalar var. bunlar kirli


it's like when you say "she doesn't listen" but not "she doesn't listens". when you say "bu baykuslar" you used the plural suffix (lar/ler) on the noun. So there is no need to use plural suffix on "bu" too. hope this helps

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