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  5. "Kaʻiulani is her friend."

"Kaʻiulani is her friend."

Translation:ʻO Kaʻiulani kona hoa.

March 1, 2019



Isn't this more accurately translated as "Her friend is Ka'iulani"?


Both "Her friend is Kaʻiulani" and "Kaʻiulani is her friend" should be accepted by the course.


my correction said kona haa not hoa


I put "'O kona hoa iā ka'iulnai" and it was marked as correct with the typo. I'm not sure what the typo supposedly is but I don't think it really is correct, is it?


Wow, that's a wild typo. :) It would be better if it was not marked as correct. Sometimes Duolingo is a bit too lenient in its grading. "Kaʻiulnai" as a typo for "Kaʻiulani" I can see, since the two letters "a" and "n" are switched, but the closest correct answer should be "ʻO kona hoa ʻo Kaʻiulani."

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