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"Von den Babys werde ich natürlich Bilder schicken."

Translation:Of course I will send pictures of the babies.

April 8, 2013



Is this a natural word order in German? It seems odd to separate "Bilder" from "von den Babys"--that is, the pictures from what they are pictures of.


If I constructed the sentence like this, would it still be appropriate?
"Natürlich werde ich Bilder der Babys schicken." Why would we use von den when we could use the genitive? Can anyone offer any insight into what a native speaker would use?


"Natürlich werde ich Bilder der Babys schicken" sounds more genuine than the translation given above. In colloquial German the dative is often used to replace the genitive, therefore we would likely say "Bilder von den Babys".


In many cases, the genitive tends to sound stilted.


What's wrong with I will naturally send pictures of the babies

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