Does anyone want to be my study buddy?

I need a little help with Japanese. I've taken someone's advice and started taking notes as I go along. But I need some more help. Anyone in?

March 1, 2019


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i could invite you to a japanese group discord if you want

March 2, 2019

You have worked on lots of languages bro

i would like that c:

It says its an unactive code, are you able to send another one?

[deactivated user]

    I want to be your study buddy but I don’t really know how that would work. I don’t have any social media’s so we would probably have to communicate through the clubs option on the Duolingo app. Are you able to download it? (By the way, I love your profile picture)

    Thank You, Sorry I'm replying this very late but it's because I couldn't got on Duolingo for like months but I still want to be your study buddy-I love to. Once you reply to my massage we will talk more because it has been like 4 months.

    hi, are you still looking for a study buddy?

    I am not sure if you are still looking for a study buddy, but I am definitely interested! Unfortunately I do not own social media, but we could find a way :)

    I have been looking for a study buddy too. :) Here is my facebook: Twitter: and Messeger:

    let's talk in twitter @GabrielPinCar

    or in Whatsapp +55 31 997406215

    idk if you still looking for study buddies but i would like to b one if thats chill lmao

    I'd also like a study buddy :) What about making a study group, maybe on skype or something? That way everyone could join, and people would be able to get more advice :)

    I have just leveled up and got 1 lingot for you. Here you go. Are you still looking for study budy for Japanese?

    can some one be my study Buddy. I don't use social media but is there any other way. I have been looking for a study buddy from ages. I started using Duolingo only a week ago so I don't really know much about it.

    Hey! I'm also interested and I don't have social media. But I'm sure we can find a way! Have any ideas?

    Hey! I love to be your study buddy but I'm not sure how but we can decide a time together and maybe we can do it by Emailing each other. What about you!

    Oh my goodness! This was a month ago! I did not realize you responded, and I apologize! I would love to do it by email if you are still interested. Hopefully if we get to know each other, we can use other resources. Do you mind giving me your email?

    Hi, sure I'm still interested and why not. My Email is I can see that you have been doing alot of languages but I have only learned Japanese but I can speak English, Hindi (this is an Indian Language) and I can also speak Punjabi( indian Language). You can Email me any time so that we can start.

    I sent you an email :)

    Hey, sorry I didn't checked my duolingo since ages but didn't got an email from you. If you are still looking for an study buddy you can email me again or we can try a different way.

    I sent another email, apologizes again. :)

    thats ok nice to see you again. Do you have any ideas how we can study online

    Not at the moment, but I will do some research! :)

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