"Go to his house inland of the road."

Translation:E hele i kona hale ma uka o ke alanui.

March 2, 2019

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To the Duolingo Hawaiian team, I was just wondering about this sentence. Should the word be spelled as "mauka" instead of separated as "ma uka". I only question this because it is pronounced as "mauka" in the same sentence used later in this lesson and wondered if separated as "ma uka" the pronunciation could be misconstrued as another meaning.

Used in the context of the sentence displayed, I don't think that this would happen. However, since there are brand new people also learning this language would it be better to spell the word as it is pronounced?

I think I also understand that the word might spelled this way to intentionally differentiate between "i uka" versus "ma uka". But I'm not completely sure about this and would love to be enlightened by your thoughts about it. Mahalo nui.


Hawaiians always run vowels together from the end of one word to the start of the next. ma uka and mauka are pronounced the same.


I think if you want to address the DLHawaiian team you gotta do it somewhere else - not on the comments page

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