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  5. "Pintu itu tertutup."

"Pintu itu tertutup."

Translation:That door is closed.

March 2, 2019



shut and closed are synonyms, but shut is not accepted as a translation


What is the difference between tertutup and ditutup?


Here is the note on this lesson from Duolingo desktop version:

Ter- prefix The ter- prefix marks a passive verb, almost like the di- prefix. However, ter- is different in that it is used in situations where the verb is done spontaneously (Dia tersenyum), unexpectedly (Adik terjatuh), or denoting the state of an object (Suratnya sudah terkirim). Example: Botol ini diisi dengan teh [oleh Tini) = This bottle is filled with tea (by Tini). Botol ini terisi teh = This bottle is filled with tea.

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