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Contemporary Navajo musicians/bands?

Hey! Would anyone happen to have a favorite contemporary Navajo musician or band? (Preferably those who sing in the language!)

March 2, 2019



Lil' Spade makes rap in Navajo


No, but I am also interested


Blackfire (they have two albums out, "Silence is a Weapon" and "One Nation Under". They're a 2-brothers-and-a-sister band and they're music is phenomenal. Silence is a weapon has some Navajo songs. Also, Radmilla Cody is really good and sings most of her stuff in Navajo. Check Spotify and Apple Music.


There aren't many contemporary musicians that sing in Diné Bizaad except for a small handful of rappers from what I have experienced on the rez. One great resource--if you want to listen to the language being spoken and/or sung--would be KTNN: http://www.ktnnonline.com.


I would be there if I ever recorded my Navajo song lyrics by singing them. However, I do not have the equipment necessary to do so. I have written poems that were published in a couple of publications.

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