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  5. "Three is a number."

"Three is a number."

Translation:mI' 'oH wej'e'.

March 2, 2019



'ach mI' mob law' Hoch mob pluS 'oH wa''e'.


I think that would be mI'mey'e' wa' mob law' Hoch mob puS "As for numbers: one is the loneliest"


Ah, that's good! I was afraid that mob might not mean 'lonely' per se, or that mI' mob might be misunderstood as 'an odd number'. So it's actually a bit of a relief to learn that the slight change needed to fix this sentence is in the grammar, and not in the semantics!


mob means be alone, not be lonely, though someone or something might be considered lonely in the sense of being isolated from other things: e.g., ngemDaq chalqach mob tu'lu' There is a lonely tower in the forest; there is a tower standing alone in the forest.*

mob does not refer to a depressed emotional state.

So mI'mey'e' wa' nob law' Hoch mob puS would mean something like One is the most isolated of numbers.

If you want to talk about one being depressed because of isolation, it would be something like mobmo' wa', mI'mey'e' wa' 'It law' Hoch 'It puS Because one is alone, it is the most depressed of numbers.

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