Bilingual French/English Book with Audio

Hi all, I’ve been with Duolingo for a while now and as I scan through the forum, I see many suggestions to add children's books to your arsenal of tools for learning. So I decided to do this for my Apple iPad and search for Le Petit Prince, as this title appears to be a favorite in the community.

What I found was a real treasure, a bilingual French/English with audio. This is great for both French students learning English, as well as English learning French. Two tracks, one in French and the other in English.

Each audio track covers one chapter at a time and the written content is broken up into paragraphs. French, English, French, English and so on …..

This has been great for learning new vocabulary, as well as working on my reading and listening skills. Listening skills appears to be an issue for many language learners and I love how this book is set up letting me follow the writer text as I listen to the speaker.

For those who don’t use Apple iPad for reading, I did a search and this book is also available in a hard copy with an audio CD.

I love this, and hope you will too.

March 2, 2019


Maybe you'd like to link to the books you say you found so that we can enjoy them too.

Petit Prince - French and English on YouTube.

March 2, 2019

You can of course Google it to find more options and languages. Here is one I found at Wallmart. Wallmart Books Le Petit Prince I can not link the one for iPad as you need to use the books app to buy.

March 2, 2019
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