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Big Love for the course creators and contributors! <3

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this course! I'm so happy to be able to learn Hawaiian, it such a privilege so I'm so glad you put this here and made it accessible to everyone! Thank you for your time and effort in making it :) :) :)

March 2, 2019



I agree! I finished the course yesterday and was impressed with how wonderful it is. I learned so much and I'm looking forward to learning more


Congrats on finishing the course! Welldone! That streak tho... :O


Thanks!!! I'm very proud of my streak. Hoping to get to 2000 this year :)


I love the course so far!


Everything everyone else said, and a special thank you for adding the audio so quickly.

It is a huge improvement.

Keep up the great work!


Yes I agree. I know the folks behind the Esperanto course, and the work you good folks do on these these "minority" language courses is a labor of love. For nobody makes money learning or (with rare exceptions) teaching Hawaiian or Esperanto. My thanks to any of you reading this!

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