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"Saya tidak memerlukan respek Anda."

Translation:I do not need your respect.

March 2, 2019



How do I say "I don't need to respect you."?


In this case, the active verb would be "respek" not "perlu."

So, "I don'tneed to respect you" would be something like "Saya tidak perlu merespekkan anda." However, I dont think "respek" would be conjugated this way, it sounds weird. But you get the idea.


Ya I thought that was what it meant.


I would say "saya tidak perlu respek Anda" is this wrong or just informal. When should I use "memerlukan" and when "perlu".


Yeah it gets weird because "respek" is an abnormal verb, a transliteration of the English word. So its functions become a bit muddy. I would prefer they had introduced the verb "hormat" instead.


I suspect this would be an incredibly insulting thing to say to someone, especially in Jawa.

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