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"My name is" in Japanese?

So, "my name is ...." i guess there is a couple of way to say this in japanese and i want to know a couple of them. A different way and situation of using them like with friends (informal) or co-worker/boss (formal). Just give me all possible way of saying "my name is ....." i understand that it doesn't make any sense saying "my name is" to a friend but i just want to expand my knowledge :D

March 2, 2019





People usually try to avoid saying "watashi" in Japanese, so your best bet is something that doesn't use that!

_ to mōshimasu (I call myself__)

_ desu (if it's clear you're talking about yourself, this can be used. It basically just means "am_")

It's not the end of the world if you use "watashi no namae wa____" as long as you don't keep using "watashi" constantly to talk about yourself like you would in English. The issue is that it can make you sound a little bit self-centred. Try to restrict your use of the word "watashi" to once in a conversation. The context should make things clear after that!

Of course, if you're a guy and you're in an informal situation (or some kinda formal ones), it might be better to use "boku" than "watashi"


As a guy I also could use ore if I felt to convey my masculine attitude towards the listener.

I would use boku if I would like to present myself in a "nice guy"-type of way.

watashi is neutral.




Watashi wa translates to I'm , but if you are a boy, you can say boku wa. But "My name is" is: Watashi no na ma e wa _ des. Or just ___ desu.

  • Sorry I forgot, you have to say des or desu after watashi wa or boku wa.


私の名前は__です is generally the "safest" in everyday. "__と申します"is like "I am/I call myself ___." In informal settings generally you can say "__です” when it's clear you're talking about and/or introducing yourself among equals. And if you're meeting adult folks for the first time and want to be polite don't forget a 初めまして and a どうぞよろしく。 ぼく can be used but, at least in my experience, it's generally for younger crowds. If you're really informal and among friends and/or social equals you could use “おれは___" but I didn't hear it that often except among friend groups in college. Remember, too, as a foreigner you're generally given a lot of leeway among Japanese in Japan. As long as you're trying most everyone will appreciate it and be surprised (at least in my experience) that you bothered to learn any Japanese at all.


AFAIK 私の名前は。。。です。 「watashi no namae wa....desu」 is only said by foreigners who started studying the language. It's a textbook example used only in textbooks or by 6 year olds.

You are better off with 。。。と申します。 「。。。to mōshimasu」

  • わたし の なまえ は ユビヌ です
  • watashi no namae wa yubinu desu
  • my name is Hubinou



My name is.......  .    Nice to meet you (I think)  and what's your name?


Just a couple of pointers: 1.) 'namae' is usually written in kanji '名前' 2.) The phrase 'よろしくお願いします' is actually very difficult to translate into English. If you're unsure about it's meaning I suggest reading an article such as this one: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/yoroshiku-onegaishimasu-meaning/ 3.) ですか not てすか be careful not to forget your ten ten marks as で and て make different sounds.


Hope this helps you with your learning - 頑張る!


(Name)ともうします。 Meaning "My name is"


watashi wa......... desu (i am ........) or watashi no namae wa............. desu (my name is.........)


I'm Japanese. 私の名前は、たかひろです is normal/ common way when you introduce yourself. Maybe 私はたかひろです is more common way. 私はたかひろと申します is a polite/formal way.

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