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"There are three books at the bottom of the box."

Translation:'aplo' bIS'ubDaq wej paq tu'lu'.

March 2, 2019



I tried, "'aplo' bI'SubDaq bIHtaH wej paq'e'.". I see that this is a cumbersome way of saying it, but it looks correct to me.


In Klingon, and in English, there are different ways to say, "There are three books..." and, "Three books are..." Thus we try to keep them separate in this course to make sure you practice both and maintain the best translations. While many sentences basically mean the same thing with either version there are times when they are not interchangable. If I just say, "There are three books," that cannot be rewritten as, "Three books are." Or if I say something like, "Three books are gifts," it comes out really awkward as, "There are three books that are gifts." We'd rather you keep the translations separate and not interchange them, even when they do mean basically the same thing.


I see the difference. Thanks.

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