"She is seeing."

Translation:वह देख रही है।

March 3, 2019



The English sentence is not gramatically correct. It should be "She sees". You cannot use certain verbs in the present continuous in proper English. These are called stative verbs and "to see" is one of them. This needs to be changed.

March 3, 2019


I believe a better translation is, "That woman is watching." Morvan82 is correct as well. There are a few instances where "is seeing" works: "Are you seeing this?" (Incredulous statement, for example, you see something happening that is really bizarre or somebody doing something stupid, and you say this to you friend.) Or, "She is seeing this to the end." (Denoting resolve to complete a task that is difficult or uncomfortable.) Or, "She is seeing if she can get us a free ticket." But, "She is seeing" by itself is not used.

April 4, 2019
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