Downgrade a skill

Is it possible to downgrade a skill? Im what you would call a casual learner, and have gotten some skills above 2 in french. I want to practice french at the skill level 2 and the other languages im learning. Can that be done?

March 3, 2019



You can either reset the whole tree and start over or work on the level the skill is at now.

March 3, 2019

Can you try submitting a bug report? The more queries like this, the bigger the chance that they will add this valuable feature

In my case, I accidentally tapped on Shortcut test and thought that it's just a practice one for previous exercises (the dumbbell icon). Now two of the recent and quite important and big skills are marked as level 1. I.e., I won't be able to go through their real basics any longer

Any other suggestions like resetting the entire tree, or practicing after level 5, or checking vocabulary are NOT applicable.

The only ugly solution I could find is to register a secondary account and take shortcuts for previous skills there, so I can practice the "injured" ones on level 0 in my other account

April 25, 2019
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