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  5. "Hati saya bengkak."

"Hati saya bengkak."

Translation:My liver is swollen.

March 3, 2019



Isn't it confusing that "hati" means "heart" AND "liver"?


Yes, it can be confusing (and sometimes funny).
'hati'= liver, but only in a medical/anatomical sense.
(if you're a doctor performing surgery or if you're eating chicken liver).

'jantung' = heart (in a medical/anatomical sense).
'jantung' is not 'heart' in a romantical way.
It's the organ that keeps your blood pumping.


It is quite common across languages. In Mesopotamia the liver was thought to be the organ of thinking, making of similar importance to the heart.


In indigenous languages in the Americas it is also common that the liver is the organ of love, so this is not so strange outside Europe.


In Morocco dialect people use 'liver' as a romantic word for someone they love (kabbida dialee, my little liver), so in the place of 'my sweetheart'.


Thanks WayanOrang and Tin145328!


liver is written as ati


No, it's not written as 'ati'.


n Anat organ badan yang berwarna kemerah-merahan di bagian kanan atas rongga perut, gunanya untuk mengambil sari-sari makanan di dalam darah dan menghasilkan empedu


Yes indeed you are correct. I was confusing it with bahasa Jawa. In Javanese (Ngoko) it is written as ati. Thanks for correcting me.


You see ati on menus throughout Indonesia meaning liver, even in tourist traps likr Ubud. Possibly a Javanese Warung, but still...hati-hati


In Filipino, we call liver as "atay" but in the other hand, Luwalhati (Luwa - hati; removal of the liver) signifies calmness and prosperity and happiness to oneself. If I'm not mistaken, ati itself is what points out as the proto-austronesian word for liver.

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