"Our profit is declining this year."

Translation:Keuntungan kami turun tahun ini.

March 3, 2019

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Somehow "menurun" seems to be more reflective of "declining".


Hey, wait a minute, I am the student here. I am surprise that you are asking me 'why'. But since you asked and if you must know, here is my logic. You tell me if it makes sense.

The English sentence says: "Our profit is declining this year". Notice the word is "declining" not "declined". In other words the profit is still in the downward trajectory and the year is not over yet. Whereas I take "turun" to mean "declined" and "menurun" to mean "declining". That's why it makes sense, at least to me, that the Indonesian translation should be "Keuntungan kami menurun tahun ini". But, if the English sentence was to read "Our profit declined this year" then I think you can translate it as: "Keuntungan kami turun tahun ini".

What say you?

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