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"Which day of January is the show date?"

Translation:ʻO ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali ka lā hōʻike?

March 3, 2019



I'm finding it difficult to determine if it should be an ʻO sentence or an Aia sentence for these.


This one seems very similar to the sentence "The trip is on which day of January?" which is translated as "Aia ka huakaʻi ma ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali?" I guess this one is an equational ʻO sentence because it is basically "Which date in January" = "The show date" as opposed to the other example where it is asking which date the trip is "on" in January?


With the use of (ʻO) in this case, the arrangement of the sentence can be switched without the basic meaning being changed.

Which day of January (is) the show date?

(ʻO) ka lā hōʻike / ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali? or (ʻO) ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali / ka lā hōʻike?


I don't understand why "Aia ka lā hō'ike ma ka lā 'ehia o Ianuali?" is wrong ? Thx you :-)


Your translation says "The show day is (on/at/in) which day in January?"


Why is "Lanuali" not capitalized in any of the examples? The other months are, so why not this one?

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